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Welcome to the Thriving Game - Round Two

the transformational role-playing game
you play in real life.



“As a licensed therapist, I work with families and athletes every day. They aren’t aware that the “how” of changing involves shifting their mindset. This is one of the important skills that Will and Chris will teach you.”

~ Mark Amiento, New York

"Almost five years ago I was introduced to the Thriving materials.  I’ve continued to use what I’ve learned almost every day. Tremendous long term value.

Thank you!"

~ Troy Edwards, British Columbia

As our guest, enjoy The Power of Story online course offered to Fortune 100 companies and leaders all over the world – included with your Game Pass. Access here.

Turn work into play.  

Free stuck relationships.

Remove career roadblocks.

Find meaning and fulfill your purpose... in everyday situations.

Live your own life as your true self.

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Round Two Game Challenge:
Play a New Role in a New Story

In Round One, you noticed the stories you were generating throughout the day, wherever and whenever you were imposing personal meaning onto whatever was happening. Your Game Challenge in Round Two is to pick one situation to play with that you would like to improve and then follow these steps:

  • Notice the story you are experiencing in that situation.

  • Choose the outcome you would like to create.

  • Experiment to discover what authentic role you could play to achieve that outcome.

  • Create a new story and outcome, play the new role, and learn from what happens.

You may need to experiment with a few roles to find the best one. Remember, this is a game so it's not about being "efficient" or "perfect." Explore and have fun!

Why a New Role?

Imagine becoming able to quickly determine the best role for every situation and learning how to switch gears in an instant.
You might ask yourself:
"Who would I need to be to get the result I want?"

Imagine discovering a whole cast of authentic characters within, each one created (by you, unconsciously)
to handle the range of circumstances you encounter each day.


If you experiment with enthusiasm, you’ll develop the ability to be authentic in every situation.

A few roles you might choose to play:
  • The listener, when a friend just needs to share.
  • The warrior, when you need to take a stand.
  • The lover, when it's time to just enjoy life.
  • The producer, when a task needs completion.
It's not about pretending to be someone else. Instead be your authentic self playing the role best suited for each situation to create the most productive outcome.

Playing roles expands your identity.

Each role is one of your many "selves."

Taking it to the Next Level


You’re about to dive much deeper as we introduce the concept of “Story Loops.”


Any story we’re creating and experiencing now is usually just the tip of the iceberg. It’s often connected to some old story buried in our memories. We expose these old stories when we start paying attention to our current stories … and this opens the door to life-changing transformation.

For example, many of our clients are dealing with challenging relationships at work or in their neighborhoods. That's a perfect example of where a Story Loop could run. Let’s say that we encounter a new person and they begin to do or say something that reminds us of someone in our past. Without even knowing it, we could re-cast the new person into the role played by someone we've had trouble with before. Realizing that we are doing so, frees us up to create a new story, with a new outcome while releasing the new person from playing a troublesome role from our past. The results can be truly remarkable.

So, the invitation is to play all out with this round and enjoy the included deep-dive course materials included with your Guest Pass for even more insight.

At the end of this three-round game, you will be invited to a live coaching call where you can ask questions and learn from other players about their experiences, what they're noticing, and how they're changing the stories running in their lives.

Join the Telegram group here to share with your fellow players each day.

If you don’t have the app on your phone, it’s free in the Google Play or iTunes App Store and available for desktop PCs and Macs as well.

We'll share and celebrate the most inspiring breakthroughs players have shared in a Thriving Game celebration via Zoom.

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We’ve helped thousands of clients navigate transformational change.

Now we’re doing it with a game … because it’s even more powerful!

Celebrate your wins

Welcome each insight
and breakthrough

Image by Erwan Hesry

Play with Friends

Grow together
Win together


Play in Real Life

Transform situations
and relationships

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Ready to Play?

  1. 1. Watch the video at the top of this page. Access the deep-dive course materials here.

  2. 2. Join the Telegram group here.

  3. 3. Invite friends to play along. Feel free to send them the link to this page so they can quickly get up to speed and start playing.

  4. 4. Download and print out your tracking sheet here.

  5. 5. Review the day. Each night take just a few minutes to journal and assess yourself (use the handy prompts that are included).

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How to Win the Thriving Game

Tracking Your Progress

  • Your daily tracking form will help you assess your progress and record your "ah-has". 

  • You can download your tracking sheet here and start to play.

  • The most inspiring stories shared in the Thriving Game 1 Telegram group will be acknowledged and celebrated in a closing live Zoom celebration.

Thriving Tracking Form 1.jpg
Why a Game?
Will headshot.jpg

Will Wilkinson

It was midnight in a blizzard. I was pulling lumber on the green chain at a sawmill in Western Canada. That’s one of the toughest physical jobs in the world. I needed the money.

I don’t remember who came up with the idea a few weeks before to turn this job-in-hell into a game. We became a team and the 10 of us on the crew took positions, supporting each other and turning up the speed on the conveyor belt… just to see how much we could produce.

We were hippies. Our foreman was anything but, so the spectacle of us lazy characters busting our butts was a mystery to him. But he loved the numbers.

That’s why, when we had pizza delivered on that frigid night and stopped working for an unauthorized munchie break, he found himself totally paralyzed. We were breaking so many rules! But - and we could see the wheels in his head turning - if he disciplined us, maybe we’d stop working so hard.

So, he skulked in his shack while we feasted. We felt like Kings of the World and took him a slice before we turned the system back on and returned to work.

I’ve never forgotten that night. We had turned grueling work into a fun game and we got our reward. I’m sure that memory influenced my passion to turn Thriving into a game.

Rick loved chaos. The more challenging things were, the bigger his smile. As the lead dispatcher of our wildcat trucking operation, every day offered up scenarios that would make a normal person meltdown. But Rick turned everything into a game.

Whenever I'd see a big grin on his face, I'd say, "What's up, Rick?"

His answer? "Going to be fun to see how we get out of this one without a scratch."

And then he'd jump back on his phone and begin cajoling people into helping him. His enthusiasm was contagious as he enrolled people in his story of how they were going to help him save the day.

Rick went on to create his own multi-million dollar trucking company. I went into the movie business and then into corporate consulting. All along the way, I've tried to master Rick's process of turning stressful moments into games where people jumped in because it seemed like so much fun.

It got me thinking, "Why don't we turn our Thriving principles into a game?" Meanwhile, my business partner, Will, was having his own game-time epiphany.


And here were are . . . looking forward to playing along with you soon!

Chris headshot 1.jpg

Christopher Harding

Shadow on Concrete Wall

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.

Maya Angelou

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