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the transformational role-playing game
you play in real life.

Welcome to the Thriving Game - Round Three

"This has been so helpful.


"I am actually tracking, in my calendar, situations where I have changed the story, changed the outcome."

~ David Allen, SLC, UT

“I love the Thriving process that allowed me to rise above the limitations of my mind to actually experience wonderful new possibilities in a such tangible way.”

~ Bek Mok, Indonesia

As our guest, enjoy The Power of Story online course offered to Fortune 100 companies and leaders all over the world – included with your Game Pass. Register here.

Turn work into play.  

Free stuck relationships.

Remove career roadblocks.

Find meaning and fulfill your purpose... in everyday situations.

Live your own life as your true self.


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Round Three Game Challenge:
Play Your Day!

In Round Two you chose one situation to play with. You determined the outcome you'd like, then you chose a role to play to get that result. You practiced with one situation. Now it's time to play all day long.

  • Notice the stories you are experiencing, yours and others.

  • Determine the outcomes you would like.

  • Choose roles to take you there.

Your evening review is especially important in this Round, so you can harvest all your insights (and maybe even a Game Changer) from this Round and from playing the whole game. We look forward to hearing about your experience on the live coaching Zoom call that will be scheduled in the near future. You'll get an email with the link.

Why Play All Day?

Why Not?

Imagine playing all day long,
with the stories you are creating
and the roles you are playing.

Imagine being able to transform situations
from boring to enlivening or
from burdensome to illuminating
by fully owning your creativity
and constantly experimenting and learning.


Many of us were programmed with a strong work ethic. That's obviously a good thing, but it can also get in our way. It's good if we enjoy our work, no so good if life becomes a duty.

A few tips for how to play your day:
  • If a situation is fine, just enjoy it.
  • When you create a new story and choose a new role, keep things simple and have fun practicing.
  • Play with friends. You'll learn that everyone wants to enjoy themselves more!

Playing your day is fun but it it can also

challenge beliefs around work/rewards.

Abstract Waves

Ready to Play?

  1. Watch the video at the top of this page. Access the deep-dive course materials here.

  2. Join the Telegram group here.

  3.  Invite friends to play along. Feel free to send them the link to this page so they can quickly get up to speed and start playing.

  4. Download and print out your tracking sheet here.

  5.  Review the day. Each night take just a few minutes to journal and assess yourself (use the handy prompts that are included).

What's coming next?

Seniors Laughing
College Friends

Thank you for the enthused response and intelligent comments about playing the Thriving Game. We've already been asked, what's next?

Completing Round Three will conclude the first phase of this live experiment. We encourage you to keep on playing.


The videos for each round will continue to be available here and all of the materials for the Thriving course, Creating Stories to Generate Success will continue to be accessible from this site as well. There's no reason to stop playing. But here's what's coming next?

You'll receive details for a live Zoom coaching call where we can discuss your experience, answer questions, and peer into the future. If you would like to be part of this coaching call, please use the form below to register and submit any questions or topics you'd like to discuss relevant to the power of stories or the game itself.




Round Three of the game also initiates the revival of our weekly Podcasts which will begin mid-November. Each podcast will feature special guest co-hosts who will join us to explore how the Game is rolling out for them to enhance the quality of their lives, especially during these unpredictable times.

Our podcasts are always recorded so you can tune in through our website. We'll keep you posted with updates and links so please tag us back . . . we'd love to hear about your experiences and respond to any questions you may have.

Thanks for continuing to play. We look forward to a Thriving future together… right now!

Zoom Coaching Call Registration

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We’ve helped thousands of clients navigate transformational change.

Now we’re doing it with a game … because it’s even more powerful!

Play in Real Life

Transform situations
and relationships

Happy Couple

Celebrate your wins

Welcome each insight
and breakthrough

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Play with Friends

Grow together
Win together

Party on Roof

How to Win the Thriving Game

Review Your Progress

  • Your daily assessment will help you track your progress and record your "a-has". 

  • You can download your tracking sheet here and start to play.

  • Share your stories shared in the Thriving Game 1 Telegram group will be acknowledged and celebrated in live Zoom group coaching call.

Thriving Tracking Form R3.jpg

Why a Game?

Will headshot.jpg

Will Wilkinson

It was midnight in a blizzard. I was pulling lumber on the green chain at a sawmill in Western Canada. That’s one of the toughest physical jobs in the world. I needed the money.

I don’t remember who came up with the idea a few weeks before to turn this job-in-hell into a game. We became a team and the 10 of us on the crew took positions, supporting each other and turning up the speed on the conveyor belt… just to see how much we could produce.

We were hippies. Our foreman was anything but, so the spectacle of us lazy characters busting our butts was a mystery to him. But he loved the numbers.

That’s why, when we had pizza delivered on that frigid night and stopped working for an unauthorized munchie break, he found himself totally paralyzed. We were breaking so many rules! But - and we could see the wheels in his head turning - if he disciplined us, maybe we’d stop working so hard.

So, he skulked in his shack while we feasted. We felt like Kings of the World and took him a slice before we turned the system back on and returned to work.

I’ve never forgotten that night. We had turned grueling work into a fun game and we got our reward. I’m sure that memory influenced my passion to turn Thriving into a game.

Rick loved chaos. The more challenging things were, the bigger his smile. As the lead dispatcher of our wildcat trucking operation, every day offered up scenarios that would make a normal person meltdown. But Rick turned everything into a game.

Whenever I'd see a big grin on his face, I'd say, "What's up, Rick?"

His answer? "Going to be fun to see how we get out of this one without a scratch."

And then he'd jump back on his phone and begin cajoling people into helping him. His enthusiasm was contagious as he enrolled people in his story of how they were going to help him save the day.

Rick went on to create his own multi-million dollar trucking company. I went into the movie business and then into corporate consulting. All along the way, I've tried to master Rick's process of turning stressful moments into games where people jumped in because it seemed like so much fun.

It got me thinking, "Why don't we turn our Thriving principles into a game?" Meanwhile, my business partner, Will, was having his own game-time epiphany.


And here were are . . . looking forward to playing along with you soon!

Chris headshot 1.jpg

Christopher Harding

Shadow on Concrete Wall

We know we were made for so much more than ordinary lives
It's time for us to more than just survive
We were made to thrive!

~ From the song, "Thrive"
by Matthew Joseph West / John Mark Hall

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